Sunday, June 12, 2016

HI Gang

Finally back to the blogg with some important news. There is a version 2 of the Lattice Post Signal Kit. This updated version has remove a couple of problems that have been pointed out to me from a couple of modellers who know signal very well. But do not worry, for those who purchased version 1 there is a supplementary kit with the parts that have been altered in version 2.
A scan of the new etch both front (right) and back (left)
So what are the changes? well I am glad you asked!!! firstly we have remove the wheels for the roller at the base of the signal and a casting is being supplied in it's place, The Land Mark triangle has been added to make it more versatile (Possible separate kit with post and landmark only in the near future) The safety ring has been increased in size. and the counter Balance bracket has been enlarged so that
the holes are not too close to the edge. The problem with the hole sizes should have improved as well.
The supplementary kit with the new and modified parts and with the addition of a few packing washers, which never go astray.
If you purchased 1 or more Lattice Post Signal Kits of me in the past, could you please email me with the number of kits you have and I will post out the new additional parts to you, and please provide your address to post them too please.

OK, so now I will start working with the new version and update you here on the method of construction, the method won't change but there will be so subtitle changes to the parts.

Thanks for you support
Regards Keiran


  1. Keiran,

    Are we supposed to sweat the two signal arms together - or have you supplied 4 separate arms - two flat and two ribbed?

    [Yeah, ribbed for my pleasure - I know you were thinking that!]


    1. John. There are 2 arms a home and a distance. They both fold up and laminate to give detail on both sides of the signal arm. It is important that they line up so that they are both aligned with each other. And another tip, only use enough solder to do the job any excess solder needs to be removed after the parts have been soldered and tben wash them in warm soappy water and allow to dry.


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